SafeSoak™ Foot Bath

SafeSoak is a one-of-a-kind foot bath that allows those with nerve damage, neuropathy, or diabetes to safely soak their feet using a simple color-changing indicator.

  • + Doctor Developed + Approved
  • + Safe For People With Diabetes

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Soaking without worry.

Developing good self-care habits is hard as it is. So we created SafeSoak to be as simple, intuitive, and easy to use as possible. No need to call the kids for help.

No more worrying about burning your feet.

Super Simple Self-Care.

No Screens

No need to call the kids for help.

How SafeSoak Works

The color-changing safety indicator in SafeSoak is engineered to warn you when the water is too hot. When the red warning countdown disappears, it’s safe to soak. Super simple self-care.

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Color-changing Safety Indicator

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How to use SafeSoak

Step 1

Fill the basin with warm water.

Step 2

Wait until the red indicators disappear as the water cools.

Step 3

Soak your feet worry-free.

Quick FAQs

Can I use SafeSoak if I have diabetes?

Yes! Dr. Matt Capozzi invented SafeSoak specifically for those who have decreased sensation to their feet. We invite you to discuss using SafeSoak with your doctor first.

Why don’t I just use a thermometer?

A thermometer of course works for checking temperature, but may not be the best use in a foot soak. For one, who can even see a thermometer unless it's right in front of your face?! As soon as you remove the thermometer from the foot soak it starts to cool off and can easily give an inaccurate temperature. Also, it’s worth mentioning if you are using a thermometer in your house that is used for checking the temperature in your mouth you don't want it near your feet.

How long should I soak my feet for?

Recommended soaking time is anywhere from 10-20 minutes.