Self-care can be simple, and is worth it.

The simple change for people who have neuropathy.

Soaking your feet has hygienic and therapeutic benefits, especially for those who have any kind of neuropathy. But, if you can’t feel your feet, then you can’t judge the temperature of the water and can seriously injure yourself.

Because of this, Podiatrists have always had to tell their patients with neuropathy that it’s not safe to soak their feet.

We created the SafeSoak™ Foot Bath so podiatrists can say “yes, you can soak your feet.”

Using a simple color-changing safety indicator, SafeSoak gives people with neuropathy the ability to soak their feet simply, confidently, and safely without worry of self-harm.

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Why SafeSoak

There are many foot baths out there, but they’re either just a bucket, or they’re overly complex, heavy gadgets that require electricity. You don’t always need an elaborate, vibrating, 20-pound spa machine. Sometimes, you just need to soak your feet, safely and simply.

30 million people in America alone suffer from neuropathy — a condition that causes weakness, numbness, pain, and loss of feeling in their feet. There’s never been a simple and safe way for them to soak their feet, until now.

Self Care, Simplicity & Well-Being

Our mission is to make self-care as simple and safe as possible. So that people can stay happy, healthy, on their feet for as long as possible. If we can prevent even just one person from amputation then we’ve already succeeded.

Created with care by Dr. Matt Capozzi

“Like all podiatrists, I’ve always had to tell my patients with neuropathy not to soak their feet because without the ability to judge the temperature of the water, theres a high risk of self-injury. To me, having no solution just wasn’t good enough.

I decided to make it my mission to develop a way for them to soak safely and simply so that when they ask, we can finally say ‘Yes, you can soak your feet.’”

Give your feet a rest. Soak without worry.

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