Can I use SafeSoak if I have diabetes?

Yes! Dr. Matt Capozzi invented SafeSoak specifically for those who have decreased sensation to their feet. We invite you to discuss using SafeSoak with your doctor first.

Why can’t I just use my finger to check the water temperature?

One of the major problems with using a finger Is that neuropathy can cause loss of sensation in the fingers as well. You may not be able to tell the correct temperature. The other problem is using your Finger for a few seconds may feel ok, but could still be hot enough to cause an injury to the feet when soaking for 10-15 minutes.

Why don’t I just use a thermometer?

A thermometer of course works for checking temperature, but may not be the best use in a foot soak. For one, who can even see a thermometer unless it's right in front of your face?! As soon as you remove the thermometer from the foot soak it starts to cool off and can easily give an inaccurate temperature. Also, it’s worth mentioning if you are using a thermometer in your house that is used for checking the temperature in your mouth you don't want it near your feet.

How long should I soak my feet for?

Recommended soaking time is anywhere from 10-20 minutes.

How often should I soak my feet?

Soaking once a day should be enough for your achy joints and foot hygiene.

Is it okay to add Epsom salts to the SafeSoak?

Yes! Adding epsom salts is great when soaking your feet. Epsom salt is well known for its therapeutic effects due to its higher concentration of magnesium. This is good for painful joints and sore feet!

Can I soak if I have an open sore on my foot?

No. Do not soak your feet if you have any open wounds on your feet.

Can I use this bath to soak my feet in cold water?

Sure! SafeSoak can be used for cold water, however, there is no temperature indicator that the water is too cold. Be careful not to freeze your feet!

What should I use to moisturize my feet?

Daily moisturizing of the feet is vital for good foot health. Neuropathy can cause your feet to be drier than normal so using a good foot moisturizer is a great idea. Ask your doctor for a recommendation if needed.

How should I store my SafeSoak Foot Basin?

It is important to store the SafeSoak Foot Basin away from direct sunlight. The sun's UV rays can not only cause a bad sunburn but can also damage the thermochromic properties of the temperature indicator. Store in a closet or on a hook with the hold built into the top of the basin.

I have large feet, is SafeSoak going to be big enough for me to use?

SafeSoak fits up to a men’s size 12 comfortably. If your foot size is bigger than that we are sure you can dunk a basketball, but you may only be able to soak your foot at an angle in the basin and not flat on the bottom. No worries!

What temperature does SafeSoak determine is safe to soak in?

The SafeSoak™ Foot Bath will warn you when the water temperature is anywhere above 100º Fahrenheit (40º Celsius).

By all means, talk to your doctor about SafeSoak!

There are 30 million people in America alone that suffer from neuropathy. We want everyone to enjoy the hygienic and therapeutic benefits of soaking. So we very much welcome you to share SafeSoak with your doctor.

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