Enjoy the benefits of soaking your feet despite neuropathy.

+ Take the guesswork out of temperature checking
+ No thermometer
+ No more “touch-testing”
+ Just simple & safe soaking

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No more worrying about burning your feet.

Super Simple Self-Care.

No Screens

No need to call the kids for help.

How SafeSoak Works

The color-changing safety indicator in SafeSoak is engineered to warn you when the water is too hot. When the red warning countdown disappears, it’s safe to soak. Super simple self-care.

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Color-changing Safety Indicator

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Created with care by Dr. Matt Capozzi

“Like all podiatrists, I’ve always had to tell my patients with neuropathy not to soak their feet because without the ability to judge the temperature of the water, theres a high risk of self-injury. To me, having no solution just wasn’t good enough.

I decided to make it my mission to develop a way for them to soak safely and simply so that when they ask, we can finally say ‘Yes, you can soak your feet.’”

Give your feet a rest. Soak without worry.

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